My name is Nickita. This is not my real name. It is what one of my good friends called me and I liked it. That’s why I’ve chosen this name as my blogger nickname and pen name.


I am here because I am passionate about helping people who want to build a life exploring all of their passions and interests. I want to help multi-talented people and multi-potentialites like me, build and manage a passions and projects portfolio so that they can do more of what makes them happy and finally finish the projects they started.


Not so long ago, I found out I am a multi-potentialite, a multipod, scanner, polymath, renaissance woman, or whatever you want to call a person who loves to learn and explore a myriad of different things in many different areas without having or wanting to choose just one thing for life.


I discovered it when I saw a book called ‘Refuse to choose’ by Barbara Sher. The title alone already said what I was doing my whole life: refusing to choose, refusing to be pinned down to one thing, refusing to wear a label with only one word on it that would define and describe me. I read the entire book in two days. I couldn’t stop reading because on every page, every paragraph I was thinking: “This is me, this is exactly ME!”.


Then, on the Internet, I found Emilie Wapnick’s Ted talk about multi-potentialites. Everything I have been doing my whole life suddenly started making sense, the choices I made, career moves, decisions, all the projects I started and finished or didn’t finish because something more interesting caught my eye and I wanted to move on to that.


It was not that I was indecisive or unsure of what I wanted to do. I was not just being flaky or having my head in the clouds. I was not like a spoilt child being bored and wanting something new just because it was new. No, I knew exactly what I wanted; I wanted to learn every day. There were and still are a gazillion topics I want to know more about. There’s a huge amount of things that I still want to do, more than I can ever do in this life! And that is my biggest pain: Life is too short and I don’t have time to do it all!


Driven by Curiosity

I know exactly what it is like to be driven by curiosity, to be a kind of learning machine and being bored when you are in a situation in which you can’t learn anything. I know exactly what it is like, not to be able to choose only one possibility because you fear missing out on all the other possibilities. I know exactly what it is like to feel enthused and full of energy when you can finally start working on your ideas or your projects and the next moment to feel completely overwhelmed because the list of things you want to do is so long and you can’t choose just one item to work on.


Nickita driven by curiosity


That’s why I’m here, to help you organise all your ideas, interests, passions and projects in a passions portfolio, to help you manage that portfolio and your projects. Imagine what it would be like to have a good overview of all those ideas, interests, passions and projects. Imagine you have a few hours to work on your ideas and you know exactly on what idea or project to spend your time without feeling that you would miss out on something else, or instead of doing nothing because you feel overwhelmed. Imagine having the tools and techniques to be able to choose one or a few things to work on and having the flexibility to change that whenever you want. Imagine not wasting your time, energy and money anymore because you now get results of the work you’re doing. Imagine finally finishing projects…


It wasn’t long ago that I tried to do everything at once. I would read something that I found interesting and I would spend hours on the Internet trying to find out more about it. Do I need to say I’m a reading addict? And a learning addict? I already followed so many courses in my life. I was unstoppable: playing piano, history of arts, history in general, drawing and painting, mathematics, philosophy, Java programming and IT in general, psychology, website design, playing chess, marketing and languages: French, English, Spanish, German… All with no other purpose than just to learn. And although sometimes it was practical, I had no special goal of what I was going to do with all that…


I stumbled upon courses on project management and got certified (Prince2 Practitioner and PMP). Taking these courses I started to realise that the way that I was doing these things, I was not getting anywhere. I was spreading myself too thinly, doing bits here and pieces there, without looking at how it would fit into a bigger picture. I can honestly say that I was working very hard, expending a lot of time and energy and also some money, but I was not getting the results I could get compared to the time, energy and money I invested.


Piloting a Passions Portfolio

But I discovered and learnt a way to structure all my ideas, interests, passions and projects. I started to build my passions portfolio and putting all the fragments together, I suddenly could see the bigger picture. I learnt techniques for setting priorities and making choices and it helped. Now every project in the portfolio has its level of importance and priority, without losing any flexibility if I want to change something.  Taking all this into account I started to run my projects more efficiently and effectively, so I would finally finish them.


Running projects efficiently


I also realised that the end result of a project isn’t necessarily what other people mean by an end result. It can also be the process itself or the things you’ve learnt. I also created a whole new time schedule based on my personality as a multi-potentialite and by managing my time adequately I can now do more of what makes me happy.


It hasn’t always been easy. Being a multi-potentialite, having many, many different passions and projects, one of the most difficult things to do still is making choices. I have run into problems like scheduling too many things to do and running out of time. I got frustrated that a day only has 24 hours, so sometimes I was getting up around 4 or 5 am to work on my projects, only to find myself exhausted after a few days of doing this. And of course, I have unfinished projects, which will probably never be finished at all.


But I got where I wanted to be. I finally found the right way to manage and balance all the ideas and passions I want to explore. I found a way to choose what I want to do now and what I will do later, without feeling I will miss out on something. I don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis anymore due to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things I can, could, should or must do. I don’t waste my time, energy and money anymore on crazy ideas leading nowhere. And finally… I’m able to finish the things I start.


I want to help you to get the same results. The first step is simple: Subscribe to the Passions Pilot Newsletter and get FREE access to the course “Setup Your Passions Portfolio in Five Easy Steps”. Stop wasting time, energy and money and start piloting you passions portfolio right now. Start doing more of what makes you happy… and finally finish your projects!




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