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Welcome to my blog! My name is Nickita and I’m the creator of Passions Pilot.

I’m sure that the first question that pops up is: “What is this blog about?”

If you’ve read the ‘Start here’ page and/or the ‘About’ page you might already have a clue… And in this first blog post I want to give you more details

What’s in a name?

Let’s first have a look at the name ‘Passions Pilot’. Two words: ‘Passions’ and ‘Pilot’.


1-1 Passions Pilot: What is this blog about?


Passions: Our passions are driving us. You can call them ideas, interests, curiosities, plans or projects. Anyway, these are the things that we sometimes must do, we know we should do, we just could do or we really really would do if… All the time, all these passions are all competing for our attention. And the biggest battle is when what you must or should do is not the same as what you would like to do.

Pilot: Being a Pilot is about taking control, being the captain and commander of your ‘starship Enterprise’ being your life. A pilot knows what the destination is, designs a flight plan and keeps the plane on course, going in the right direction until it arrives. He also keeps his cool and knows exactly what to do when something unexpected comes up.

Well, wouldn’t you like to be the pilot of your passions? How about having a notebook full of destinations where you want to go. And how about knowing exactly where to go first, and then next, and how to get there? That’s what Passions Pilot wants to help you with.

Who is this blog for?

Passions Pilot wants to be a virtual hub for multi-potentialites, multi-passionate multi-directional and multi-talented people, polymaths, scanners, Da Vincis and other renaissance men and women.


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For reasons of simplicity, I will not repeat the list of all synonyms all the time over and over again. Somehow in all the different terms used, I like the word ‘Multi-potentialite’. Why? Well, I like the word ‘multi’ and even more the word ‘potential’, and the combination of the two words for me means something like ‘endless possibilities’.

What if you’re not a multi-potentialite? Then alas, this website is not for you. Don’t get me wrong. You are very welcome if you want to read more on this website about multi-potentiality. Only, for specialists it won’t be easy to relate to. But we multi-potentialites would certainly be very happy if other people would have a better understanding of multi-potentiality in general.

What is this blog about?

What can you expect? And how can it help you? For the moment, there will be four big categories:

First of all, a lot about Multi-potentiality. What’s in a multi-potentialite’s ‘DNA’? What do we all have in common? What are our biggest issues, frustrations, problems and struggles? And lots, lots of tips, advice and possible solutions.


1-3 Passions Pilot: What is this blog about?


This category is also about embracing your multi-potentiality You’re smart, (multi-)talented, super creative and just awesome! There is no reason for not being proud of it!

The second category is about piloting your Passions Portfolio. In order to explore all your passions, create your personal dream catching system. Create your personal passions portfolio. This category is about personal project portfolio management, how to set priorities between all your different interests, passions and projects and how to choose the next one(s) to work on.

This is all about taking control of your life by piloting your passions portfolio!

The third category will be about Project management. Let’s look at the individual projects you’ve chosen to work on. How do you start? What will be part of the project and what won’t be part of it? How to create your project plan and schedule. Are there any risks involved and how to tackle them. What are the best practices to run your projects and how to finish them. Now you will be able to finally finish your projects!

You know that life is not only working on projects. Unfortunately there’s also a lot of day-to-day stuff that just needs to be done. But do we really need to be doing all that? This leads us to the fourth category, Time management or how to optimise all this day-to-day stuff. How to use your time efficiently and effectively so you can do more of what makes you happy!

This, in a nutshell, is what you can expect. I hope that all blog posts, interviews, tutorials, reviews and all other articles on this website will be very useful and helpful to you.

I also wish you lots of fun reading all this and if you haven’t done so yet, please fill out the form below to subscribe to the Passions Pilot newsletter and get FREE access to the course “Setup Your Passions Portfolio in Five Easy Steps”. Stop wasting time, energy and money and start piloting you passions portfolio right now. Start doing more of what makes you happy… and finally finish your projects!

Your view?



Passions Pilot: What is this blog about?
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