The strong relationship multi-potentialites have with books

Ever since I could read, I loved reading books. When I was in primary school, we had a school library. We went there with our class, maybe twice a month. And in between, I went to that library a few times a week. Some authors I loved couldn’t write fast enough for me. I read their books much much faster than they could write them 🙂


21-1 The strong relationship multi-potentialites have with books


And every year, at the start of the holidays my parents took us to the book fair organised in my hometown, where each of us could choose a book to read during the holidays. My parents enjoyed reading books and they wanted to motivate us to read and to enjoy it as well.

And probably the purpose also was to keep us busy with something useful during the holidays. Anyway, often the next day, my book was already finished and then I started reading my sister’s book. But even that was not enough!

Back then I was reading a lot of novels, now more and more non-fiction.

There are so many universes to discover!

Bullseye! We multi-potentialites are learning machines, aren’t we? We are! And there are so many universes to discover and to learn about. This is at the same time good and bad news.


21-2 The strong relationship multi-potentialites have with books


It’s good news. As long as books exist, we will never be bored. We can change book, change subject and change universe to learn about. This is the reason why many multi-potentialites have such a strong relationship with books.

It’s also bad news. There is too much! We will never be able to read all books that exist. And exactly for that reason, you need to be selective when it comes to what book to read. It’s a question of not wasting any of your precious time.

Passions Pilot’s favourite books

To help you and because anyway I read a lot of books, I want to share with you the books I found most interesting and useful: Books about multi-potentiality and about organising your passions, your personal projects, your time and your life in general.


21-3 The strong relationship multi-potentialites have with books


I shared a few books in the Passions Pilot’s Toolkit page, a page with helpful resources for multi-potentialites. But this was only one web page. There were many more books that I wanted to add to this list and it wasn’t possible to put them all on one page together with other interesting resources.

That’s why I have split different categories of resources (books, courses, software, websites, etc.) and I have put them on separate pages in the Passions Pilot’s Toolkit.

The books section in the Passions Pilot’s Toolkit is called “The Passions Pilot’s favourite books”. And it says what it is: These are my favourite books, books that I found most interesting, most helpful and most useful. These are books that really had an impact on my life.

At the top, you will find my current Top 3 and below, all other valuable books. Next time you’re looking for an interesting book on multi-potentiality or organisation, skip the research. It’s already done for you. Just look at the list of Passions Pilot’s favourite books.

Your view?



The strong relationship multi-potentialites have with books
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