How Do I Organize My Days?

Getting things finished and checked off the list can be quite a large task sometimes. Believe me, I get it. So many things to do and so little time to do them. Why can’t there be less “have to do’s” and more “get to do’s”?


24-1 How Do I Organize My Days? - Vanessa Adelman


Well , that’s one strategy to getting things done. Switching your mindset from, “I have to get all these things finished today”, to “I get to do all of these things today”, isn’t the easiest strategy, but once you get the hang of it, makes things easier and quicker.

What about how to piece the days and weeks together?

I’m not saying these strategies are the only ones to go by, and everyone should adopt them. These are what I use, and what works best for me. But, I do suggest you give them a try if you haven’t already.


24-2 How Do I Organize My Days? - Vanessa Adelman


When getting things done on my to-do list, the most important or looming projects are put first, and when they are finished, or I need a break, I will start another project.

As a multipotentialite, I thrive on variety, so I like switching what I am doing every few hours or so. It literally helps me get things finished more often if I have multiple running projects at once.

Sometimes switching between two or three projects helps productivity. It seems ironic, but for some people, it gives the brain a break, while it is subconsciously working on a solution to a problem you may be stuck on, or did not see before.

Working on something else just gives it sort of a chance to reboot, while still working the problem out in the background.

This is actually a strategy used by Einstein, as he worked at a patent office while he worked on several scientific papers.

In addition to this, if I am stuck on a project, I will stop and do something else for awhile. Sometimes I stop for a few days or weeks and come back to it.

Sometimes my brain just needs a break. It will subconsciously work the problem out, and whether I come back to it on my own, or something reminds me of it, my brain will be back and have more or new information to offer.

This also works for my dad when he is sleeping! He will be racking his brain all day, trying to figure something out. Then, he finally gets to bed (he sleeps an average of 3-4 hours a night), he’ll wake up, and most of the time, the answer will be there, in the front of his mind.

I find it fascinating, how the subconscious can work like that. Although it hasn’t happened to me like that, I do find it much easier to work out a problem I’ve been having trouble with after I’ve slept.

What about times when I want to get things done, but I can’t seem to quit stalling?

I write down everything that needs to be done, so if I have some restless downtime, I can choose something and go to work without wasting time thinking about what I need to do.


24-3 How Do I Organize My Days? - Vanessa Adelman


I write on my hand a lot, too, and any of you who does the same, knows two things about it.

  • One, they need to stop before they get sick from it.
  • Two, its SUPER convenient, and hand-y. HAHA

You can also use your iPhone, if you’ve got one. They come with a Notes app, and if you don’t want to take the time to text out a feeling, or think you’ll lose it before you get it all out, they also come with a Voice Recording app. I love this app because you can say your ideas as soon as they come to you, get them down, and be able to add on to them and piece them apart later.

Getting Motivated

Just start. Your brain juices will begin flowing eventually, and you will be swept up in the momentum. If you’re sleepy, take a 10 minute nap. Little naps work wonders.


24-4 How Do I Organize My Days? - Vanessa Adelman


Also, make sure you take breaks. Little snack breaks or a short walk outside helps a lot for me.

There you go! Some techniques on project organization and getting things done from your friendly neighborhood Adventurer!

Vanessa Adelman


24-5 How Do I Organize My Days? - Vanessa AdelmanVanessa Adelman is a multi-potentialite and a fellow blogger who’s always up to SOMETHING. She wants to raise awareness of multi-potentiality. For more of Vanessa, visit her site, Adventurers Anonymous is also on Facebook, so please like and follow that Page. Vanessa is also on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Smash those like and follow buttons, won’t you?


How Do I Organize My Days?
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