You Only Live Once: Seven reasons why organising your life is a good idea

Why would you need to organise? After all, You Only Live Once, don’t you? Why not just do whatever you feel like? Follow your passions, every passion! Do things if you want, what you want, whenever you want and wherever you want.


Close-up of a young man with the word YOLO, for You Only Live Once, tattooed in his hand


Do people think you’re a Jack or Jill of all trades? They don’t know the real you. Are you starting up passions and projects, whenever they come up in your head? So what? Are you getting nowhere because you’re not finishing anything you started? Don’t care. You Only Live Once!

The perfect excuse… to do something that matters

You Only Live Once, is the perfect excuse to do what you feel like doing at this moment, even if you know that you shouldn’t be doing this. You give in on a short term desire and you will deal with the consequences later.


Beach party


Is that the meaning of YOLO? I don’t think so! It isn’t to go, smoke, drink, spend all your money and make an idiot of yourself. That is just burning the candle at both ends at the same time and it’s plain stupid.

But You Only Live Once, so you might as well do something with your life that matters. YOLO means that your time is limited and that you had better use it well. That’s where the word ‘organisation’ comes up.

Seven reasons why organising is a good idea

We, multi-potentialites, want to do a lot of different things, don’t we? Being curious, we want to explore, travel around, learn and get a lot of experiences in the time we’ve been given.


Notebook and calculator on a table


Therefore being organised gives you the following advantages:

  • It gives you a direction to go, one that you choose for yourself
  • It helps you see what is important for you and what isn’t
  • It helps you use your time efficiently
  • It helps you to get the right things done
  • You avoid wasting your time on unimportant things
  • It helps you finish tasks and projects
  • It increases your chances of success significantly

All good reasons to get organised. After all, You Only Live Once!

Your view?



You Only Live Once: Seven reasons why organising your life is a good idea

2 thoughts on “You Only Live Once: Seven reasons why organising your life is a good idea

  • August 8, 2017 at 13:22

    Yes. I’m 48 and I keep thinking I’ve done life wrong somehow. Soooo many things I could have done better or more of. I could do with having my life again with a plan this time. I didn’t have a plan but I should have done :/

    • August 9, 2017 at 06:23

      Don’t have too many regrets. Life is also a learning process. I didn’t know at 20 what I know now and there are some things I probably would have done differently too if I knew back then what I know now. The good news is that at any point in time, you can make a plan and organise your life the way you want.

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